Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pat's New Toy

A Handheld Blender
During the winter, I make soup most days for lunch and we have it with crusty bread or a sandwich. Homemade soups tick all the boxes -  quick, easy, healthy and yummy. I often put part of the soup in my liquidiser that fits on top of the Kenwood Chef to thicken it, but it’s a pain to get out for such a small job and an equal pain to clean and put away again.

I had a handheld blender years ago which died young of overwork and I wondered if they had improved since then. After some research I bought a 600W Philips with a lot more muscle.  It certainly sounds serious because it doesn’t have a cute name – just an alpha-numeric identifier.

So far, it has coped with Cassoulet, Corn Chowder, Vegetable soup and a sort of tomato, beans and vegetable soup (made from the last of the veg sitting in the fridge). If it stands up to the test of time, I’ll recommend the gadget – if not, I’ll probably rant about it!

One of the joys of retirement is the fun of cooking without the time constraints – and I do love my kitchen gadgets.

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