Monday, 29 March 2010

Caravan leveller – a nifty gadget

It’s actually a sop to Pat’s creaky joints!  A caravan has to be levelled when based on a site – the last thing you want is to roll out of bed or have a pan slide off the cooker.  It’s simple enough to do with an attachment to an electric drill to wind down the ‘steadies’ as the legs are called. You then check with a spirit level to be sure.
The problem for me is that you really need to kneel to get the drill under the caravan and see what you are doing. Now, I don’t do kneeling – or, more accurately, I don’t do getting up easily once I’m down.
The system we have had fitted is the Caralevel made and fitted by a very clever man, Peter Pearce, in Buckinghamshire. We stayed overnight in his land and left the caravan for the day while we visited Bletchley Park.
We also met two Gloucester Old Spot pigs – who left at the same time as we did to be turned into pork and bacon. Believe it or not, they are brothers though they look so different in size.
We are completely wowed by it. Just turn the key and a clever computer adjusts the steadies till the caravan is absolutely level in all directions. I suppose we will take it for granted eventually but, when we arrived at this site – Huntsmill Farm – we just stood and watched and gloated.
P1000816 P1000819  P1000820
Of course, my creaky joints are just an excuse for playing with another gadget, really.

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