Pat Machin

About Pat
Pat retired in 2008, having built up an independent Market Research company over the previous 17 years.  Before that, she worked for some big name market research companies after leaving the Civil Service on moving to Yorkshire.

This experience has left her liable to compose letters to newspapers and other media complaining about their lack of understanding of statistics.  To date, these letters have remained cluttering up her memory – which is probably why she can never remember where she put things.  Perhaps they will now find an outlet here.
Prior to joining the Civil Service and then the Market Research Industry (after studying for a BA in her forties), she was a cook and managed a Staff Canteen, a short order restaurant and produced home cooked lunches in a pub.  Not all at the same time!

She has also taught social history for Adult Education and the WEA.  Now she has time to follow that interest further. She also likes fast cars (see above), cooking, crochet and reading.
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