About Us

Alan and Pat Machin

Now retired and thoroughly enjoying the freedom, we intend to indulge ourselves in a few years of travel through the UK and Europe.

We’ve invested in a caravan so we can travel for extended periods in comfort and also keep our costs down – important in these days of low interest rates.

We have four children between us from previous marriages, eight grandchildren, and a complicated assortment of extended family on two continents.  Our friends are scattered even wider than our family and this blog is intended to let them follow our travels and our exploits at home – hence the title.
Now, nearly a year since setting up the site, it has developed into Pats project.  As Alan concentrates on his main website, Pat will be following her interest in history, quirky news (and everything else} and (occasionally) being a grumpy old woman when the ‘Powers That Be’ ignore common sense.

Many of the photographs will be from Alan and he may be moved to write something occasionally.

You can also catch up with Alan and Pat on Facebook.
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