Saturday, 13 March 2010

Daffodils for Mothers' Day

It is Mothers’ Day on this side of the pond on Sunday 14th March and it may be hard to find the traditional bunch of daffodils.  The extreme cold weather has held back the plants by 4 weeks in some areas. Cornwall and Lincolnshire are our main areas for growing the heralds of spring and about half are exported.  It's a big worry for growers as the season peaks at Mothers’ Day and Easter which is early this year. For the rest of us, it means even longer before we see the roadsides and gardens awash with colour. Here, in the North, our plants are just peeping through the ground to check if it is safe to come up.

To cheer us up, here are some daffodils we saw in The Netherlands a few years ago. We went to see the tulips at Keukenhof, not far from where we were staying in Amsterdam, but that was another late season and we caught the daffodils instead.
If you are every in Amsterdam, this is a 'must visit'.

I bought a bunch of artificial tulips at the market to bring home, which was probably a good idea as we are still enjoying them and they make a lovely memento of a great trip.

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