Wednesday, 10 February 2010

We should-a brought a camera!

We went out up on the moors yesterday afternoon as the sun was shining for once.  Unfortunately, it didn't last and we drove through snow showers and watched them sweep across the valleys.  Still, it was good to get up high for a change and we actually went above the snowline - and down a no through lane, hardly wider than the car!

It wasn't a good day for photography but, when we got to Blackstone Edge Reservoir, we chorused our personal anthem - We should-a brought a camera.  The sun was glittering on the ice and it looked beautiful.

I couldn't resist going back this morning  (the sun was shining when I left) to take photos. 

It's not a large reservoir but was certainly necessary when it was built as it tops up the Rochdale Canal - which has 92 locks on it's journey over the Pennines from Sowerby Bridge (Just outside Halifax) to Manchester.  The Rochdale Canal was the first built to cross the Pennines and, if you are interested, it's history is here.

The only thing, I'll mention is that during World War II, barges were brought up from the canal and placed on the reservoir to deter the Germans from landing amphibious planes.  It sounds so unlikely but it is very high on the moor and not in a valley like most reservoirs.  The remains of the barges were found when it was drained for maintenance some years ago.

Although most of the snow has gone, it is still heaped up on the North side where the sun doesn't hit.

I would like to have gone round the side down a narrow road to take pictures of the length but the snow started again and I had a nice white jacket by the time I got back to the car.


I couldn't help thinking that this notice was a bit superfluous today!

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