Monday, 8 February 2010

The National Railway Museum

We visited the National Railway Museum in York.  I haven't been there since they had a big expansion some years ago and was most impressed
The engine above is The Duchess of Hamilton, built in the '30s and very fine.

The biggest disappointment was that the Flying Scotsman is still in small pieces waiting for the rest of the money to be raised for its restoration. In this economic climate, who knows when it will get done.

Possibly the most interesting section was the Warehouse.  All museums have stores of items they don't have room to display and this is no exception so they have opened up the store.  Thousands of items, big and small, are piled high round the room - everything from a warning notice that throwing stones at trains can be punished by 'penal servitude for life' to a chamber pot from the Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras.

We highly recommend it - and entrance is free!  More details here


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