Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quiz Night

Some neighbours invited us to join them for a Quiz and meal at their Church yesterday evening.  Alan was keen. I was reluctant.  I ended up being glad I went, though.

My reluctance stems from working and socializing with very competitive people in the past.  You know, the sort - they get into a sleeves rolled up, arms waving argument and come near to fisticuffs with the Quiz Master over any and every answer they get wrong.

I’m not really all that competitive – at least not to the extent of wanting to win at all costs, but I do hate making a fool of myself and my brain processes are slower than they used to be.  I blame the unspeakably quick kids on University Challenge for giving me a complex.  I can often get to the answer if I’ve time, but give me a quick fire situation and my brain freezes.  I visualise Jeremy Paxman looking down his nose at me and snapping “Come on!  I need an answer!”

This quiz night was not anything like that.  I’m guessing there were about a hundred people there and some were local people we have not seen since the snow started before Christmas.  It was good to catch up with a few of them and wave to others across the crowded room.

There was lots of laughter and, although we did our best, we weren’t above putting in a facetious answer when we really didn’t know.  Fred Flintstone did a lot of famous things you didn’t know about and acted in some excellent movies.

Five rounds of ten questions before the interval when we stoked our brains with delicious baked potato and chilli in readiness for the second half.  A few glasses of wine helped, too.

Five rounds of ten questions after the interval went very quickly.  A good evening and I was surprised how late it was when we left.

Alan was on the team that won second place and, although my team didn't win a prize, we came in with a respectable score.

Thanks to Jackie and Martin for inviting us and to Ben who was an excellent quizmaster, and (last but not least) to the cooks.

Do you know how many colours there are on a Scrabble Board, excluding lines, letters and numbers?  No cheating, and I need an answer, now!


  1. Wonderful, Pat! Really enjoyed your company and humour at the Quiz. Not to mention your brain. If not for you, we'd have finished way back in the pack. Let's count on going again next year.

  2. Okay what's the answer?
    You always could write well. At least that is something the UHS did!
    You had John and I 'rolling in the aisles!'


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