Monday, 18 May 2009

Getting ready for retirement

When we were young, gap years didn't exist so we are planning to have one (or two or three) at the end of our working lives. To give us maximum flexibility and keep costs down, we have bought a caravan and tour the UK over the next year or so. If it all works out well, we will then venture into Europe - beyond that, we are keeping our options open. More caravan pictures are here

The last few years of travel and happenings are still at Machinhome but from now on, new postings will be here.

With a lot of hindsight, I can recommend these posts now (2011).  We have tried to future proof the caravan so we can continue travelling as we get older and less active.

Adjustments in the kitchen and installing a TV bracket.

Automating the steadies – Pat’s creaky joints.

Power from the sun.

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