Sunday, 4 April 2010

Caravan - Nuts and Bolts


Alan has fitted an adjustable bracket to hold the TV, freeing up some much needed shelf space. As a consequence, he now knows more about the intricacies of bolt sizes than he really wants to and we have a nice collection of spare bolts. You can no longer go into a local hardware shop and buy one bolt to try. They come in packs of 6, or 10  or 12 – allocated in an arbitrary manner by length x thickness x head size - and we only wanted 3.

The chances of getting it right first time are N to the power of Y (take away the number you first thought of) = 0. The sizes don’t quite fit the thickness of the partition (even though both are metric) so he has had to include some washers – Again, not sold in the numbers we need.

Alan is about to get a customer of the year award at B&Q.

We also removed the microwave. Why I thought I needed one, I don’t know! I must have had a brainstorm. I hardly ever use the one at home, except to warm plates and for quick scrambled eggs. That has freed up a much needed cupboard but left us with a pristine microwave to store at home. With a good sized cooker with 3 burners, grill and oven, I really have enough cooking facilities.


Hi-Tech or not, we’re still getting to grips with using the caravan and are continuing to move things round and adjust how we store them. I suppose it’s like moving house when you shift the furniture and ornaments around till you have them just as you want them. Then circumstances change and you move them again. Perhaps it’s just me!

Of course we had hoped to have many more nights under our belts than we have. Once again, the best laid plans of mice and men have gone awry. We’ve had local commitments and then bad weather since before Christmas so last weeks trip to Buckinghamshire was our first foray this year.

We’re off again on Monday to Northumberland (that’s north of here, between Newcastle and Scotland for anyone geographically challenged) and meeting up with Dave and Shirley – Alan’s brother and his wife – for five days. They will have their motor-home.

If the weather improves (cross fingers, touch wood) we may stay an extra few days.

Storage is the main issue in a caravan. Believe me, clutter really shows up in the small space. There is a big locker under one of the single beds which now holds the table and chairs for sitting outside  - if we ever get the weather to do so,

We were tempted to leave them at home till the summer but Murphy’s law will ensure that the weather will turn glorious if we do. Perhaps we can fool the weatherman by hiding them under a bed?

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