Sunday, 16 May 2010

We’re off again!

We’ve been home for four weeks now and, apart from the Railway Children Anniversary, not much has happened to write about.  It’s been a domestic few weeks, interspersed with progressing other projects, a little socialising and sorting problems.

We have been having outages on our broadband access – several times a day – and finally got frustrated enough to call Virgin Media.  We now have a new router and a new monthly package which is  giving us a faster download speed AND costs a few pounds less than our previous one.  So far (touch wood, cross your fingers) it is working well. 

Of course, installing it was an occasion for head scratching and muttering.  Alan managed it eventually.  Well done!

A nice thick manual was provided, one page of which was in English. While we’re on the subject, why do these tech people assume that us ordinary folk understand their jargon?  Don’t bother to answer.  It’s for the same reason that street signs don’t always make sense – the people who put them up already know the way!

The freezer packed in! We stuffed it with newspaper and phoned a local repair firm. A very reassuring engineer came out and fixed it. Apparently, this model has an occasional fault and the cooling system builds up ice on the vanes, behind the back panel where we couldn’t see it. Much work with a steamer cleared it but I was a little concerned when he told us he gets called out to four or five of this particular model each week.

Once it is cleared, it rarely recurs so I should be thankful, I suppose. If anyone has a Hotpoint FZA80 freezer, take note!

We’re off to Shropshire tomorrow for a couple of weeks, staying at a site near Shrewsbury and hoping to spend some time at Ironbridge and visit several other sites in the area.

This time, we’ve checked on mobile coverage and the site has a good signal so we should be able to get on line easily.  I need to start gathering things together now and get the caravan loaded so I can watch the Monaco Grand Prix.

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