Thursday, 20 May 2010

Haughmond, Shropshire

We’re staying on a small site at Haughmond’s Farm, next to Haughmond Abbey, on the side of Haughmond Hill.



The actual campsite is in an old orchard, surrounded by tall hedges. The apple trees are in bloom, there are birds singing, sheep baaing – you get the picture. We are only 3 miles outside Shrewsbury but it feels deep in the countryside.

I was about to describe the drive down as uneventful but seeing a fox confidently striding across a large field just next to the motorway is certainly an event.

Tuesday morning was spent settling in and erecting our new awning. We bought a very cheap, small one when we first had the caravan but it was too small to be of any use so we have been looking for a new one.

We finally decided on a Swedish Omnistor Caravanstyle. It has three walls that fit onto a canopy so (we hope) giving us the best of both worlds.

Of course, the instructions are just drawings, giving no clue to some of the details so some of the erection was trial and error – a trial of good temper as well! If you have ever bought a flat pack from IKEA, you’ll understand.

In the afternoon we drove round the lanes nearby to orient ourselves and looked for traces of the old Shrewsbury Canal which was dug in the 18th century and was part of the network which served Coalbrookdale.

We’ve visited Haughmond Abbey and several other local places. David and Shirley joined us today (Thursday) and more will follow.

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