Thursday, 8 April 2010

Northumberland and out of touch

We’re staying on the perfect caravan site, nestled in a valley by a stream, surrounded by trees.

Except for one thing. No mobile phone signal, no mobile internet access and dodgy satellite access.

It’s a weird feeling. For us, it is an inconvenience; for Shirley it is more annoying as her brother-in-law is ill and she is out of touch.

As we drive out each day, we have mobile phones at the ready. “No signal, no signal, no signal. . . .  Signal!” Only then can we make contact with family and friends.

Getting internet access is even more of a problem as the signal strength does not equate with the ability to stop the car.  The roads round here are narrow, like a switchback and littered with ‘hidden dips’ – that is where you think you are over the crest of a hill and the ground suddenly falls away.


But, here we are. Thanks to this array which is right by an official parking area.

We suspect that some of it is associated with the nearby Otterburn Army Training Area. If so, we may end up with a visit from some official persons who suspect us of being terrorists!  Watch this space. If they grant us internet access, we will launch an appeal to cover our bail. You know we are innocent.

If all is well, we’ll be posting on a superb new garden (Alnwick) and the first house in England to be powered by electricity (Cragside) and Hadrian’s Wall (the last outpost of the Roman Empire).

My purchase of a really good rain hat seems to have worked. I wave it at the sky every morning and, each day is better than the last. If this continues, we may stay a few days longer.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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