Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wainstalls and Luddenden


This morning was so bright and sunny that we just had to get out and take advantage of the weather.  We went past Mount Tabor and down a road which goes nowhere except past the popular Cat-i’th-well Inn.

We parked just before the Luddenden Dene Wesleyan Cemetery and walked along the narrow lane to the Cemetery where some orphans from Liverpool, brought over the hills to work in a local mill are buried.  We visited the grave back in February 2010 and haven’t been back since.


One thing I hadn’t thought of before was the amount of room left on the stone for further burials.


It is a lovely spot with views across the valley.  A shame that these children probably never got to enjoy the view.


At the other end of the Cemetery, where the modern burials take place, we found someone we had never heard of – though I wish we had known him as he sounds quite a character.


‘Sithee lata’ is our local dialect for ‘See you later’.


A Google later and I found that he was just known as Malcolm Lund of Wainstalls and died 31st March 2011.  He left 6 children and a partner but I can’t find out anything else about him.  If anyone knows more, I’d love to hear from you.

We walked on and I’ll just share some of the beauty with you – it doesn’t need words.




The last of the blackberries


A woodpecker lives here.



And home for lunch.


  1. Hi Pat

    Paul and I just walked from home in Wheatley today
    and saw the same memorial for Malcolm. We also were intrigued so I decided to Google it and came across your post.

    I very much enjoyed the photographs and about the orphans. It is sad. Around there is a rock painted white that locals say was painted in memory of them. You can see it from one of the roads around there.

    Anyway thank you for your post.

    'Sinthee lata'

    Tina and Paul Waterhouse

  2. Hi Pat,

    I am one of the 6 children. Malcolm had three children who are now in their early 40's and 3 step children who are in their early 20's.

    Malcolm was in demolition for quite a few years, before working for one of his sons who has set up a very well known local builders business.

    Ask anyone who knows Malcolm and they will tell you Malcolm prefered animals to people anyday. He had a range of animals from a fox called Rusty, to dogs, birds and a horse. His horse was called Paddy and lived in the field behind the Cat'Ith Well, he was 37 years old last year when we had to put him down due to ill health.

    He was definatley a character well know around the valley.

    Malcolm lived at Lower Saltonstalls (just around the corner from Cat'Ith Well), he was brought up with his 5 brothers and one sister. He lived here from being born until he died. 2 of Malcolms brothers are buried at the same graveyard, Moris was only 3 when he died, he is on the right hand side of the graveyard at the front and Peter is behind Malcolm.

    Malcolm found out on the 10th Feb that he had lung cancer, it was 7 week to the day that he died. He didn't suffer and we are glad of that.

    If there's anything else you want to know, let me know.

    The white rock has lots of stories, it is painted every year though and no one knows who does it.

    Sithee Lata


  3. Hello Pat,

    I am Christines' neighbour (Chris, partner of Malcolm) and got to know Malcolm in his later part of his life. It's hard to say or describe but there was something about him, his presence made you feel happy because its just the way he was. He would always say alriiiite lad with a grin on his face because he knew I was terrified of his massive dog.

    Sadly, Malcolm passed away so quickly and I never got to say bye. What is comforting is the fact that he is now in a better place and he did not suffer during his final days. God rest his soul.

    This is coming from someone who didn't know him personally so you can only imagine what a geniunly nice and humble person he was.


  4. Hello Pat & Alan

    I'm Bev and Malcolm was my dad. I'm the eldest of the 6. I'm really touched that you've posted photo's of dads grave on here!!!
    Dad is where he wants to be.....he loved that valley...never really left.
    He was well known, lots can tell a story about him. But nobody will tell it as good as dad himself. O yes get him sat in his local,and that would depend on which local was letting him at the time in haha with a pint and you'd be entertained for the evening.
    Everywhere has it's characters, and dad was Wainstalls....
    We may have lost him......but he still has people talking....he'll be having a chuckle.....and probably saying you daft buggers.....
    But on behalf of the family......thank you

  5. This is great to see. Not a faceless grave with a bland message, Really thought provoking, I love it

    Ju - Goitside,Luddenden


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