Friday, 26 August 2011

Planes and Nostalgia

S0021190_1_2_tonemapped - sm

It is an odd thing to be nostalgic for the sight of a bomber but this is no ordinary plane. The Avro Vulcan was a delta wing plane that looked magnificent in the air and enormous on the ground.



Growing up in Essex and surrounded by military air bases, I could recognise most military aircraft by sight or sound.  As a child I didn’t think of the terrible reason they had been built but, by the time the Vulcan appeared above the peaceful fields in 1956, I did know and understood that, if ever this great plane flew in anger, Armageddon was nigh for it carried nuclear weapons.  It is terrible to think of such a beautiful machine being designed for destruction.

To see this and many other aircraft, follow the instructions on the City of Norwich Aviation Museum site.

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