Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Big Sky Country


We’re down in Norfolk at Pound Farm (see above picture).  Once again we’ve struck lucky with the site. A square lawn, enclosed by hedges and a friendly farmer as host.

The farm is at Hevingham which is between Cromer and Norwich and we are here for 3 weeks before moving a bit farther south.

Hevingham is not exactly a one horse town – it’s more of a no horse village with one antique shop, a post box, telephone box and a pub, which is now a restaurant catering for tourists.  Oh, there is a church a mile or so away with a layby outside which sports a mobile burger bar.  All of which suits us fine (apart from the burger bar which holds no appeal!) and it is nice and quiet.


The house was built in 1675 when Charles II was on the throne and is built of a lovely warm brick with red pantiles, which are typical of our East Coast.


Various boundary walls seem to have been rebuilt and incorporate flint (geologists will frown at that and tell me it is chert, but I’ll go with the locals rather than the academics any day).  Some of the bricks are very thin and may have been salvaged from Roman buildings.


So here we are on our latest adventure.  So far, we have had the weather station blow down in a gale, eaten fish and chips at Cromer, hastily left Wells Next the Sea in disgust at the overcrowding, spent a couple of hours in an independent Lifeboat Station, danced round like mad things photographing a magnificent sunset, oh, and lots of other things – will post again tomorrow.

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  1. Nice update - been a while since you've posted anything new.


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