Monday, 18 April 2011

What Lovely Weather

We’re still stuck at home by various commitments but it has given us the opportunity to explore more of the local area.  It seems crazy that there are places only two or three miles away which we have never explored properly.


Yesterday we went to the end of the ‘Halifax Arm’ and walked along the towpath. Years ago, the Salter & Hebble Navigation had a spur serving Halifax.  All that is left is a short section from the Watermill Restaurant on Salter Hebble Hill down to the junction with the main canal.

Halifax arm

boats at old mill

After passing under the Wakefield Road, the complex of locks at the junction appears.

Wakefield Road Bridge





At the end of the series of locks and basins is this Guillotine Lock.

foot tunnel salter hebble

The horses would have been led through this tunnel while the boat was hauled under a road bridge by the men.

salter hebble to cooper bridge

This is the next section to Cooper Bridge where the Huddersfield Broad Canal connects.  That is for another day!

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