Monday, 6 September 2010

Doing a double take

I think I’ve finished sorting photos – all 12,000 of them! That’s what digital photography leads to.  Anyway, I found some odd signs to share.  Yes, I know – I’ve got a twisted sense of humour.

Chillingham At Chillingham, we parked in an area reserved for the cattle.

Middlesburgh transporter bridge

Seen at the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge – look carefully at the little sign at the top for an explanation.

Road sign - bunker

The not-so-secret Nuclear Bunker in Essex.


A road sign in Warrington. Watch out, the Welsh are coming!


I feel sorry for the person this addresses!

But it’s all right if you have a history of back problems or are pregnant or have had recent surgery.

Velocity is a ‘jet boat’ at Whitby, in case you are wondering.

I hope you have a chuckle.


  1. Have you seen this one:



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