Wednesday, 29 July 2009

First stop in new caravan - Braunston

We picked up the caravan from Daventry last week and drove a few miles to Braunston to stay on a 'certified location' site at the Marina. These are sites licenced to take 5 caravans and are usually a field rather than an organised site with laid out roads and pitches - much more to our taste. In the picture, our caravan is on the left. Not exactly crowded, is it?

The other caravan belongs to Doreen and Tony, another retired couple who have been caravanning for 35 years. With their friendly help (including a welcome cup of coffee) we were soon set up and going "ooh" and "ah" at the clever way the caravan is organised.

Braunston Marina (see the website here) is on the Grand Union Canal and is home to 250 narrow boats. Coal was carried from here to London right up until 1970 by narrow boat, later than I had expected. A Google of 'Grand Union Canal' will give you more information than you probably want (!) but this site gives an idea of the extent of the waterway.

We were lucky with the weather until we came to pack up and a thunderstorm held us up for a while but it soon cleared and we came home with a long list of things to get and do before taking a longer trip. That will have to wait till we come back from America! More photos here.

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